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I offer

Leeds MistressOTK from mild to hard
Cane from mild to severe
Leg slapping
Face slapping
Judicial Punishments - these are strictly for those I have disciplined at least once before- no exceptions


Role play

School Matron can conduct an intimate and embarrassing thorough examination and administer discipline where she deems it necessary
School Nurse as above
Strict Aunt
Lady Boss
Next door neighbour

School role-play can involve straight forward CP

Verbal admonishment
Corner time
Setting of homework

Uniforms are available for males and females and for males who wish to be disciplined as a girl and for those who wish to be humiliated and forced to dress as a girl.

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General Information

My sessions are conducted in an unhurried manner. The type of session you will experience is a matter of personal choice and each session is tailored to your own specific needs or fantasies.

Before your initial session I conduct an informal chat with you to ascertain your requirements, perhaps past experiences and your general perception of discipline.

I welcome all levels from the hardened CP masochists through to novices and I am very gentle and understanding with the complete beginner.

You will find me very understanding of your desires, fantasies and needs.

I delight and relish administering discipline.

I can be severe and formal or casual and chatty. There is something rather special having someone over my knee receiving discipline whilst sharing a joke or chatting about the minutiae of life!

School Discipline

Punishments range in severity depending on your own particular requirements.

OTK, Gym shoe, Hand/Bottom tawsing, Strapping, Lines, Paddling, Corner time, Detention and Caning "6 of the Best "

Punishment is usually carried out on the Bare.

Detention can be an additional sanction. You will be set a task to complete to my exacting standards. Failure to attain them with result in punishment.

Homework can be set for repeat offenders!


I am an expert Disciplinarian with many years experience in the punishment of males and females.

The types of punishment ranges from mild discomfort to severe throbbing flesh.

These include:

  • OTK spanking
  • Paddling
  • Caning
  • Hairbrush
  • Tawsing
  • Strapping
  • Slipper
  • Wooden spoon

Administering punishment is a skill and I always take time to ensure discipline is metered out in a structured and sensible way.

I pride myself on my accuracy with my implements and ensure where marks can be made they are within the confines of where underwear is worn. However I do appreciate for many marks are a problem and therefore I will use my considerable skill to ensure a mark free bottom.

I adore all forms of punishment. Having a recalcitrant male or female over my knee, wriggling about as I administer a spanking fills me with joy. Needless to say too much wriggling will result in my holding you down very firmly whilst I administer the requisite number of strokes!

I particularly love the cane. The simplicity of the implement is in direct contrast to the potential impact it can make. I have a number of canes ranging from a nursery type through to my pride and joy....a beautiful senior Dragon.

I do have a wonderful Singapore style cane for the hardened CP enthusiasts but this is strictly not for the faint hearted!

Role Play

I am a naturally Dominant female and verbal admonishment and the administration of discipline comes very easily to me.

Role-play can involve Headmistress, Lady Boss, Strict Aunt, School Matron and other female figures in authority.

I do not work to a particular script but during our pre session chat I will happily discuss your particular experiences or phrases that trigger particular memories and incorporate them into the scene.

Aunty is strict but caring. She has your best interests at heart but often feels you will benefit from her particular punishment regime to keep you in the straight and narrow whilst in her care.

Discipline can be a humiliating OTK spanking or paddling . Occasionally punishment can be a little more severe and may then involve the strap on the bottom or hand or even in extreme circumstances the cane.

Lady Boss can be exacting in her standards and should you not attain them ,she may have reason to administer punishment like that of Aunty but also may involve additional implements to demonstrate her power and authority over you.

School Matron deals with naughty boys and girls and in some instances a thorough embarrassing and intimate full body inspection may be required in order that Matron can assess you health and general hygiene standards.
Needless to say falling below these standards can and often does result in punishment on the bare bottom.

Judicial and Severe Punishment

Judicial and formal punishment is a specialised area and in order for it to be carried out safely and correctly it requires enormous skill.

For formal discipline a safe word can be agreed before commencement of the punishment.

For Judicial Punishment the number of strokes and the implement to be used will be discussed beforehand.

Most but not all devotees of Judicial Punishment do require to be restrained in order to receive the discipline to its completion. This can be carried out over the trestle in the study or over my padded caning bench in my Mirrored chamber.

The choice is yours.

Unlike formal punishment safewords are not used with Judicial Punishment. Therefore regardless of screams, protestations and cries I WILL carry out the agreed number of strokes. I therefore urge you to think very carefully before requesting this type of punishment.

I pride myself on my skill and the reputation I have built over a number of years, therefore I will not carry out JP unless I have administered discipline to you at least one previous occasion.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

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