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A Testimonial

I visited Mistress V, for the first time, yesterday. It was also my first meeting with a new mistress in 9 years as I prefer to build a strong, lasting relationship with one disciplinarian rather than move from one to another. My previous disciplinarian retired 12 months ago and I was in desperate need for punishment so it was time to bite the bullet and find someone to help me hence my visit to Mistress V. and my subsequent delight in finding her.

Having scoured the web, I decided to contact Mistress V. firstly by e-mail and provide my basic needs. Asking if she would be willing to see me, she replied within a couple of hours confirming she would and so a date and time, the following week, was agreed. A couple of days before I was due to visit, I phoned her to confirm my appointment and to provide some additional information about me.

Perhaps I should explain that I am a mature male who needs and has always needed regular discipline. I do not want to regress into my childhood for naughty boy spankings nor do I want to enact any fantasy. Instead, I need very simple but thorough, no frills, disciplinary punishment that is appropriate for a grown man and without any role-play, fancy dress or the like.

In the short but pleasant call, I explained this to Mistress V. adding little else other than to say I needed a ‘damn good hiding’. This seemed to please her as she said ‘good, that’s my favourite!’

I am always anxious travelling to an appointment for discipline but this time, was even more so as it was a first time meeting. With a deep breath, I rang the doorbell and the door opened. From behind it, an authoritative voice instructed me upstairs and into the punishment room where the bench was ready and waiting. As Mistress V. had followed behind, it wasn’t until we were in the room together and she walked from behind me that I saw her for the first time and what a surprise! Mistress V. far more beautiful than the pictures on her website. She is also petite, which belies the authority she exudes, and has an amazing figure!

Politely and respectfully, I was reminded of the purpose of my visit, which was similar to the information I had given to Mistress V. over the phone but to which she added that I deserved and would be punished severely. I half expected to be asked if I had anything to say but was not and now realise that Mistress V. is very smart and was able to assess my needs and me without asking a single question. With no time wasted, I was dispatched to an adjoining room to prepare for punishment and wait until called.

Back in the punishment room, the instruction to mount the bench was given and I was advised that restraint was necessary due to the intensity of the punishment I was to receive. With each leg strapped tightly to the bench, above and below the knee, and another strap across the centre of my back my bare bottom was incapable of moving an inch.

I will not go into the details of the punishment other than to say it was intense and at times, difficult however I must mention the care and help that Mistress V. gave me. Firstly, this was through her talking to me throughout the punishment and politely explaining each stage. She then showed me each implement and explained her reason for using it before putting it into use. Finally, she took great care to calm me when I got into difficulty. Throughout, I was never under any illusion that Mistress V. would ease up on the punishment and to be honest, would not have wanted this. Instead, she was determined I would see it through to completion and so her help and coaxing was greatly appreciated.

Finally released from the bench and given a welcoming hug, Mistress V. fed back on my conduct, which was all very positive. I was directed back into the adjoining room to get dressed after which I left, very sore but feeling so much better in myself and delighted to have found my new disciplinarian who also wants to see me again.

I cannot recommend Mistress V. highly enough. If like me, you need good, honest plain discipline then you are unlikely to find a more skilled, professional or authoritative disciplinarian than Mistress V. Her commitment to my well-being and her ability to assess my needs without asking together with the care she put into helping me through to the end says I could not have been in safer hands. This will be true for anyone visiting her regardless of their experience. It probably goes without saying that I will not be visiting anyone else!

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