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About The Disciplinarian

I am an experienced, intelligent, imaginative Mistress, who can reveal your fantasies with a sense of humour and a passion for corporal punishment in all its forms. Be warned: I seek perfection, and I demand respect, worship and strict obedience from you. I am sadistic and can be cruel but also understanding.

I see submissives of any gender.

I love my work and have always been naturally dominant. I get a real buzz out of inflicting pain, especially with the cane, which is a particular favourite of mine. It is important to me that we both enjoy our time together. I will take you to the very edge of your limits and maybe just beyond. I have very many years of experience with all my implements, never missing the mark but making my mark on you every time.

I deal with the novice to the most experienced CP enthusiast. I have a wide selection of implements ranging from canes, whips, crops, paddles and hairbrushes.

Unless you are deserving of judicial punishment, I will start off very mildly and gradually work my way up in levels of hardness. Judicial punishment will only be given to those who have had at least one previous session with me.